IRL (In Real Life)

A body Switch Mockumentary

IRL is a workplace mockumentary set in Ireland about the lives of ordinary people inexplicably transformed into their computer game avatars in the all-too-real world.


The Incredible Monsta Trucks

The Incredible Monsta Trucks is a fun-filled CG action comedy series about a bunch of eco-friendly misfit Trucks and their ongoing clashes with arch nemeses Van Helsing. Set in a twilight world, it’s jam packed with colourful characters and action-packed stories. 


Mya Go

Meet Mya Go, she’s a little girl who loves a big adventure. With her fearless sense of adventure and a go-get-it attitude, Mya Go always embraces the task at hand. With help from her family friends and her favourite Doggy Go, Mya is always ready for a fun adventure.

Mya Go is a co-production from Piranha Bar and Motion Pictures Entertainment. 


Doom Newt

‘Same Shit Different Species’

A genetically modified teen with four arms, issues and an attitude seeks refuge with an uptight do-gooder and his long-suffering family

Live action, CG, performance capture project in development.