Consent Conversation

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Department of Justice – ‘Consent Conversation’Director: Gavin KellyShare this Post  Back in September, Javelin buddies Clayton Homer and Des Kavanagh were faced with a difficult task – presenting the issue of consent in sexual relationships to the Irish public. Their solution to this sensitive and debated subject was to normalize simple, everyday conversations around consent and add a surprising visual …

Written All Over Ireland

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Irish Independent – Written All Over IrelandDirector: Gavin KellyShare this Post60′ Brand AdShare this Post30′ SportShare this Post30′ News  Working alongside The Public House, Piranha Bar developed a campaign of spots for the national rebrand of the Irish Independent. ‘Written All Over Ireland’ sums up the brand’s unique approach to the news – rather than reporting from afar they are …


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RTÉ – Late Late Show – OwlDirector: Graham GallagherShare this Post Ahead of Patrick Kielty’s much anticipated debut as the new host of Ireland’s most loved show, the Late Late, we created a campaign of teasers and a promo which drew on the show’s heritage icon, the Barn Owl. Piranha Bar’s newest director Graham Gallagher, brought his decades of creature VFX …


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Epic Museum – PaddyDirector: Richard ChaneyShare this Post3D Character Design & RendersShare this PostCampaign ExplainerShare this PostMaking Paddy – Design & 3D Process Reel What do the worst stereotypes from the highest trending search suggestions look like? Our challenge was to interpret the data in visual form and build a full 360, photo-real version of Paddy, right down to the finest …

Victim’s Charter

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Justice Department – Victim’s Charter CampaignDirector: Gavin KellyShare this PostDiversityShare this PostTranslation  Piranha Bar once again teamed up with Javelin Dublin to create a campaign of ads to highlight the rights and services available to all victims of crime under the Department of Justice’s Victim’s Charter. We recreated life-like 3D models of all the live action ‘victims’ to shot on …


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Virgin Media ‘Playhouse’Director: Richard ChaneyShare this Post Virgin Media’s Playhouse contains a world of offers to spark Playtime. We worked with Publicis Dublin to bring a fun playful aesthetic and dynamism to the campaign. Our Virgin Brand magical ‘sprite’ leads the audience into the Playhouse and sparks the transformation of a room containing the first offer. Next it brings the offer …


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Kellogg’s Tresor Stix ‘Cannibals’Director: Richard ChaneyShare this Post Piranha Bar were again delighted to collaborate with Kellogg’s and Leo Burnett UK to create this origin story for Tresor Stix. We find our ravenous Tresor Chocovores in search of anything chocolately to fill their little cereal bellies. Raiding the lovely kitchen Piranha Bar designed and built for them, their frustration grows when …

Krazy Hunt

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Kellogg’s Tresor – Krazy Hunt CampaignShare this PostBattle RoyaleShare this PostPlatform Battle Chocovores are on the hunt… again… This time we find them in the live action world. Their insatiable pursuit of anything chocolatey sees them follow a block of chocolate through a magical wormhole back into the comfort zone of their gaming worlds. The campaign features two gaming destinations; a …

Fastest Wins

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eir- GAA Hurling Championship Sponsorship ‘Fastest Wins’ CampaignDirector: Gavin KellyShare this Post  The fastest game on grass meets the Ireland’s fastest broadband in epic new spots for the eir Hurling Championship by Tenth Man and Piranha Bar. We were honoured to be joined by the greats of the game in Kite studios for an epic shoot with a giant Technocrane …

VFX Reel

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Graham Gallagher – VFX ShowreelShare this Post Graham’s range of VFX experience on both international blockbusters and commercials includes Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, WB’s Gravity, Disney’s The Jungle Book, Disney’s The Lion King and more.