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Share this Post Piranha Bar’s talented studio team seamlessly merged their exquisitely modelled and choreographed 3D animation sequences with the ultra slow-mo beer shots, to create an Amstel Radler world of vitality and refreshment. The cloudy lemon mixing with the beautiful Amstel Lager acts as a catalyst for a series of 2D and 3D kaleidoscopic sequences featuring various Radler ingredients …

Don’t Hold Back

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Share this Post Irish International set us the challenge to bring together a variety of the intense moments that capture the anticipation of launching into action. Those moments where we say “right, that’s it, I’m doing it”. Those moments where we ‘Don’t Hold Back’. We shot the majority of the imagery on location in and around Dublin. However the Delorian …


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Share this Post Richard spent some time hanging out in Jamaica with the fastest human in history, Usain Bolt, directing a new Digicel spot by Boys & Girls, Dublin while Dave produced the 5 day, hybrid motion & stills shoot and made sure the crew turned up in time for flights home. A crowd sourcing campaign followed, led by Usain, …


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Share this Post Some children’s voices will never be heard. An appeal for The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. CREDITS


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Share this Post This one has a special place in my heart. Co-directed with friend and co-founder of Nice People Rewind Bruno Bossi. Ah the good ole days! CREDITS

Bord Na Móna

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Share this Post Share this Post A clip from Bord Na Móna’s story of scale and diversity. Here we showcase several of the organic, sculptural CG pieces which we crafted to represent each sector of the company. Each icon is symbolically formed from materials that are used in that sector and are native to Ireland, connecting us back to Bord …

All the Others

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Share this Post “What are you doing with all your energy?” The Coronas wanted a strong, emotional video to promote their 2014 single, and didn’t want to appear in it themselves. Our solution was to tell a series of visual stories with beautiful anamorphic cinematography and powerful ensemble performances. Nominated for 5 awards at the 2015 Kinsale Sharks. CREDITS


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Share this Post Share this Post Share this Post Maplin were looking for a series of funny, warm stings to headline their new campaign. A sad, frustrated wifi-user, a slightly disgruntled cat, and a tightrope-balancing dog called Ozzy. You know, the usual. CREDITS

Hugh O’Connor Photography

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Share this Post Hugh’s passion for photography and cinematography clearly informs his cinematic work, which combines powerfully emotional portraits with stunning, soul-searching imagery. He exhibits regularly at the RHA, Dublin, and the RUA in Belfast, and was shortlisted for the inaugural Hennessy Portrait Prize at the National Gallery of Ireland in 2014.