Wild Cities

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Share this Post Share this Post Share this Post Share this Post This fascinating four-part series turns a spotlight on the wildlife we share our urban spaces with. Badgers sneak in to a Belfast garden for jam sandwiches, salmon leap the weir in Galway, grey herons scavenge for scraps at Cork’s English Market and male deer lock horns in Dublin’s …


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Share this Post TMI is a hidden camera comedy show based in Dublin. Undercover crews along with presenter Stephen Byrne take to the streets to record hilarious set ups of unknowing Irish strangers. CREDITS


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Share this Post Presented by Jules Hudson, this BBC series follows underwater explorer and historian Ian Lawler who has compiled a unique map charting the locations of many of the wrecks that were sunk during World War ll’s epic Battle of The Atlantic. With the help of naval historian Randy Papadopolous from The Pentagon and German U-Boat expert Axel Niestle …