I Am Immigrant

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Share this Post Share this Post With remarkable access into the lives of the participants, this visually stylish observational documentary explores the concepts of Irishness and Otherness. We meet five young Irish people, each from a minority group and each with their own struggle to belong in a new Ireland. Set against the backdrop of the increasingly contentious debate around mass immigration …

A Wild Irish Year

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Share this Post A Wild Irish Year is a captivating four-part series bringing us all across the country from our wild coasts, mountains and woodlands to farms, towns and cities through a single season showcasing some of our most spectacular natural events and meeting along the way a diverse range of people whose lives are still deeply connected to the …

My Astonishing Self – George Bernard Shaw

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Share this Post Internationally-renowned Irish actor Gabriel Byrne explores the life, works and passions of George Bernard Shaw – a giant of world literature, and, like Byrne, an emigrant Irishman who had to leave to be heard: Shaw learnt the outsider’s ability to observe, needle and puncture. This documentary follows the life and influences of George Bernard Shaw, with very …

Say Yes to the Dress

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Share this Post Ireland’s most famous wedding planner Franc presents the Irish version of international reality hit series Say Yes to the Dress. The format is an Irish spin off from the hugely popular American series. Part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session, each Say Yes to the Dress episode looks at the personalities and craftsmanship …

Will a Robot Steal My Job

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Share this Post This one hour documentary for RTÉ One presented by Anne-Marie Tomchak, UK editor of Mashable explores how robots and artificial intelligence could be on course to transform the jobs market, render the skills of swathes of the population obsolete and utterly transform the way we work. CREDITS Editor: Damien McDonnellDirector: Darragh Byrne Executive Producer: Jean DevlinProduction Company: …

Monopoly Prize Mania

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Share this Post Mr. Monopoly and his trusty dog are bringing a wealth of prizes to Ireland for McDonald’s Monopoly Prize Mania. Some of the most iconic Monopoly game pieces show up along the way in director Richard Chaney’s hybrid live-action / CG adventure. Working for TBWA Dublin the Piranha Bar team created beautiful animation and seamless composites to integrate all the 3D work …

What Are You Working For?

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Share this Post Philip Boucher-Hayes takes a look at the nation’s pay packets tackling everything from gender pay gaps and the ‘gig economy’ to what we most value about our jobs. The one-hour documentary also looks at why some occupations are more respected and valued than others, and questions if praise is as good (or even better) than a pay …

Ireland’s Health Divide

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Share this Post Dr Eva Orsmond investigates why where you are born and raised in Ireland can have a dramatic impact on how long you live. CREDITS Editor: Patrick HodginsDirector: Niamh Sammon Executive Producers: Amanda Dunleavy & Patricia CarrollProduction Company: Tyrone for RTÉ

Awake: The Science of Sleep

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Share this Post Almost half of the Irish population feel they’re not getting enough sleep and that their sleep patterns are negatively affecting their health. In Awake: The Science of Sleep Dr. Pixie McKenna explores the very latest in sleep science and reveals the catastrophic health concerns that can arise from not getting enough shuteye. CREDITS Editor: Iseult HowlettDirector: Rachael …