The Toughest Trade

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Editor Damien McDonnell Share this Post In the third series of The Toughest Trade Wexford hurler Lee Chin leaves his club Faythe Harriers for Canada to train with ice hockey’s Vancouver Canucks , while former Canuck goaltender Alex Auld travels to Wexford to try his hand at Hurling. CREDITS Share this Post In programme one Hurler Brendan Maher travels to …

Super Yummies

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Share this Post Share this Post Share this Post In this campaign for Super Yummies through Chemistry, director Richard Chaney takes us on a series of fantastical journeys through the minds of toddlers. In each ad the child’s world is transformed by their imaginations. Parents come along for the ride while the real heroes are the Super Yummies characters themselves. …

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Share this Post Share this Post Share this Post Share this Post By developing a simplified motion control technique, director Gavin Kelly was able to use a seamless camera move between two realities, as a visual metaphor for the fine sliver of digital technology separating the writer from the reader. .CREDITS

50 Years In The Glow

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Share this Post 50 Years In The Glow tells the story of the last five decades of RTÉ television in a new way. Purely through the eyes of the viewers. With scores of contributors from all across Ireland, the documentary focuses on the importance of television in the lives of ordinary people. CREDITS Editor: Damien McDonnell Production Company: Animo Television

The Secret Millionaire

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Share this Post Irish millionaires go undercover in some of the most disadvantaged parts of the country. Self-made millionaire John Concannon leaves his comfortable lifestyle to go undercover in West Dublin. He comes face-to-face with the realities of urban poverty in Ireland and unearths a hidden emotional trauma that will change his life forever. CREDITS Editor: Damien McDonnell     …

A Story With Me In It

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Share this Post A Story with Me in it a documentary series which teams up well known Irish Writers with six adults who have struggled with literacy throughout their lives. In each programme they will have to look back over their lives and re-examine the past. CREDITS Editor: Damien McDonnell Director: Liz Gill Production Company: Animo TV


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Share this Post TMI is a hidden camera comedy show based in Dublin. Undercover crews along with presenter Stephen Byrne take to the streets to record hilarious set ups of unknowing Irish strangers. CREDITS