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Share this Post ‘Choices’ is a multi-media extravaganza for national newspaper The Irish Independent, through agency Irish International. Being the go-to media for a balanced view The Indo, through this campaign, has become the centre-point of a nationwide discussion on the choices which ultimately define us. We enthusiastically embraced the idea of originating imagery in many different media. Illustration, stop-frame …

Home & Away Stings

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Share this Post Share this Post Although we don’t always understand it, the Irish love nothing more than the Aussie’s slang. That’s exactly why director Gavin Kelly has created these stings for ID in sponsorship of our favourite Aussie TV show, Home and Away. Using some ridiculously good-looking barbie dolls, Gavin brilliantly creates a world for the plastics, shooting five …

Life Time

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Share this Post A simple message receives an elegant and understated treatment in our new spot for the Health Information Authority. Showing a diverse selection of people as they encounter the HIA campaign, the shoot saw us braving some cold rooftops for time-lapse shots of Dublin, shooting from a 1950s Rover and taking over Bakers Cafe. CREDITS

W.B. Yeats: No Country For Old Men

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Share this Post W.B. Yeats: No Country for Old Men, produced by Hotshot Films for RTÉ, concentrates on Yeats’ later work and the themes that inspired him as an ageing man, as well as the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of his final burial place. Never seen before footage and interviews with historians and literary figures are merged together to paint …

A Sporting Chance

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Share this Post Fourteen unemployed youngsters are given an opportunity to turn their lives around by actively engaging in an intensive tag rugby training programme. CREDITS

Avoca Handweavers – The Story of a Throw

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Share this Post Avoca Handweavers commissioned two videos to play in-store and to feature on their website. One was focused on the history of the company, from its early beginnings to now with its current owners. This video clip features Avoca director Ivan Pratt, talking about the process that goes into making one of the company’s famous throw rugs, all beginning with a simple …