Piranha Bar’s VFX and Animation studio has a 15 year history of high-end VFX driven commercials and long form content. The studio specializes in advanced digital characters and offers a full performance capture pipeline capable of delivering incredible emotional depth and sophistication in facial animation and body capture. A powerful compositing department with 10 seats of Nuke and Flame compliments the animation studio running Maya, Cinema 4D and Softimage backed by a 400 core render farm and networked cards for the latest advanced GPU rendering. Piranha Bar is also a member of the VFXAI, a network of Ireland’s 4 biggest VFX vendors offering seamless collaboration and greater scale for larger projects.



Feature Documentary

Animated re-enactments exploring a hi-jacker’s memories, dreams and fears, juxtaposed with intimate footage from his everyday life.


Tiger Beer – VFX